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The Marla Bingham Studio

Where Art and Science come together

For some of our clients it is about that aesthetic body for the summer, or getting an edge in high performance sports, and for others it is about restoring the loss of mobility caused by age or injuries. But for ALL, Pilates and the GYROTONIC® method will reshape their body, rewire their brain and their approach to movement, increase their strength and mobility, sharpen their mind, alleviate pain and allow them to integrate any action "one breath at a time". That is what Marla Bingham's team has trained for and keeps perfecting every day, and that is why so many in La Jolla come to us and stay with us.

The GYROTONIC® method and the Pilates methods are two complimentary systems that uniquely marry the art and the science of movement and exercise, offering through regular practice the exciting prospect of transforming your body, of better performance at work and in sports, and the overall benefits of a better health and of an improved quality of life.

Marla Bingham and her team of instructors focus daily on the fundamentals with each of their clients:better posture, core strengthening, increased joint mobility, neuro-muscular rejuvenation, perfect balance between strength and flexibility, and reduced stress levels.

In-depth knowledge and experience allow Marla Bingham and her team to develop individualized programs and deliver spectacular results. Such results are rooted in their combined talents in Pilates, GYROTONIC®, High Performance Sports and the Art of Dance. They are all fully certified in GYROTONIC® and have internationally recognized certifications in Pilates including the Pilates Method Alliance and Balanced Body University.