Yann Artero is part of a new generation of Millennial Pilates and GYROTONIC® trainers that has been exposed early to Pilates in his athletic development. Yann is a Certified- STOTT PILATES® Instructor trained at The John Garey STOTT PILATES®  Training Centre in Long Beach. He also trained extensively with Balanced Body® and STOTT PILATES® Master Teacher Donna Parsons. Yann is also a Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor, trained at In Spiraling Movement Arts in Los Angeles under Master Teacher Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice.

Yann started to take Pilates and GYROTONIC® at the age of fourteen as cross-training with Rugby. He started playing Rugby with Carmel Valley's San Diego Mustangs, and played College Rugby at Santa Barbara City College's Rugby Academy. He has also trained with world class Rugby coaches in France and in New Zealand at the New Zealand Sports Academy. He currently plays for the OMBAC Rugby Club in San Diego. Through several years of training and intense physical preparation for his sport, Yann has discovered the mental and physical benefits that Pilates and  GYROTONIC® can bring in a high performance environment but also to anyone looking to improve their fitness and wellness.

As an Instructor, Yann designs a  program that focuses on the client's immediate goals. His clients should see and feel results within the first 10 sessions. In the long term, Yann can take that client to a place they never thought possible to achieve both physically or mentally. His clientele roster consists of people ranging from age 10-90. They consist of young dancers and athletes, young adults looking for physical conditioning and toning, and seniors looking to gain a better range of motion and well being.

Yann is looking forward to helping each client reach their fitness and

wellness goals, while having fun and getting the results they are looking for!