"Visiting from Louisiana, my friend from Colorado Springs and I were looking for a pilates studio to workout in while we were in San Diego for a conference. We are both  pilates studio owners looking for someone experienced and professional. Marla met both these requirements. I experienced her as warm, friendly, and very knowledgable. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and scheduled with her on subsequent visits to San Diego. She and her husband Bruno are fanastic. I learned new moves from them and was able to enhance my pilates practice from this new learning. Thanks to both of them."
Donna Shearman

The Marla Bingham Studio is extraordinarily professional in both their staff and equipment. As a chiropractor, who has specialized in orthopedic spine related biomechanics, strength and flexibility conditions for over 25 years, I can proudly attest to their expertise in managing their client's individual physical fitness needs.
Nancy B. Gold, DC DABCO
Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists

"Marla has helped many of my patients specifically with back problems. She understands the importance of core strengthening with exercise and how to avoid injury. She is a rare find." Dr Richard Ostrup

"Marla is a highly-skilled, well studied professional who has the innate ability to tailor her approach to your physical needs in a manner that achieves maximum results. She applies the same exacting standards when hand-selecting only the finest of instructors in pilates and gyrotonics to complement what is offered by her studio. Each instructor is incredibly well-trained, each takes a unique approach, and each offers slightly different attributes. As a team, they are, by far, the best I have ever come across. Do not come to this studio if you are looking for a "mass-production" approach. This studio is for those who are discriminating." Sherry Bahrambeygui

"5 years ago I was having significant low back problems that only partially responded to traditional physiotherapy. I thought I might have to retire from my plastic surgery practice. My wife suggested doing Pilates and GYROTONIC® with Marla and I have been with her twice a week since then with 90% relief. I've even started playing tennis again.
Marla and her staff are all very experienced and professional and I always feel welcome and special with her even after 5 years. I have never given a public testimonial before but I do enthusiastically recommend Marla to my friends and patients"
Dr. Dennis Bucko